The Fall of Phnom Penh book

The Fall of Phnom Penh — La Chute de Phnom Penh

2 versions with the same physical specs: size 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm, 216 pages with about 120 pictures in Black & White & Color plus almost a 9,000-word text (the French text is a little longer). Hardcover, printed on 128 grs Artmatt Japanese paper, it weights 750 grs.

Now! get it directly from us for $29,50 (+shipping) and pay via Paypal. Ask us: RN@ASIAHORIZONS.COM

You can get the English version at AMAZON.COM and the French version here (eBay France)

ISBN 9786167277103 (ENGLISH language version)

ISBN 9786167277097 (FRENCH language version)

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