Asia Horizons Books Co., Ltd. is a publishing company registered in Bangkok/Thailand. It was created in 1999 to publish quality picture books on South East Asia. So far our published material is in English and distributed mainly in Asia through Asia Books, Kinokuniya, Monument Books and several smaller outlets. The books are also available at AMAZON.COM

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  1. Dear Madam or Sir,

    My name is Morteza Ariana. I am a professional photo­grapher and artist with 20 years of experience in Germany and Japan. In Germany I worked as a photographer for a daily news­paper in Hanover. I also worked as photo­journalist for UNICEF in Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2001 I moved to Japan, where I started to incorporate “Zen Art” and “Wabi-Sabi” (the aesthetic of solitude and impermanence) into my fine art photography, which led to various exhibitions. I have been living and working as a photography tutor in Siem Reap since 2012. My love for Angkor motivated me to create a coffee-table book in order to share my sense of reverence for the beauty of Angkorian art. The title of the book is “Take Home the Beauty of Angkor”. I am Planning to publish the book in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as a huge number of Asians are visiting Siem Reap every year.

    Please let me know about your policy and guidelines of publishing a book.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    With my Best Regards,


    Mori Photography Tours
    Morteza Ariana Mr.
    Tel: +855 (0) 6978 6801
    Mail: info@moriphototours.com
    Siem Reap Angkor
    Kingdom of Cambodia

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