Ancient Capitals

Ben Davies 27cm x 25 cm, 132 pages.
Hard cover with jacket. Images in Duotone + one spot color. Printed on Japanese art matt paper with spot varnish. Available for $30 to 35 around Asia.

From its opulent former capitals to its ruined cities and temples, Thailand boasts some of the greatest historic monuments in Southeast Asia. This magnificent collection of black and white photographs takes the reader on a spectacular journey from the Khmer sanctuaries in Thailand’s northeast to the kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya as well as to other ancient towns and cities. Using a medium format camera to capture the rich tones and texture of his subjects, British photographer and travel writer Ben Davies instills his images with a timeless grandeur. We see a monkey leaping from a thousand-year-old shrine, a flock of birds flying over a weathered temple complex, a young woman placing an offering for the spirits in a lotus pond. The photographs are accompanied by insightful text on the history of the Thai kingdom. This is Davies’ sixth major published book.

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