A new book published by Asia Horizons Books!

Ben Davies has been working the streets and neighbourhoods of the greater Bangkok for several years with his Linhof 4×5 camera. And his book will be distributed by River Books. An exhibition is coming up in Bangkok (March 2020 at River City Gallery).

Nowhere People… a new book by Greg Constantine! with my assistance.

Cover of the book
Cover of the book

This is Greg third book, and the third time I’m involved in his projects… This time we produce a big book : 29 by 22 cm. 374 pages… over 2,5 kilo! This means  a lot of plates to go through… Tri-tone printing!

This was again a challenge, more by the numbers of days we spent at the printer! We have a great book and hopefully it will be noticed as the stories it carries are from many years of work from Greg…We also make a note of the great contribution from Helen Kudrich for the design.

This book is available at AMAZON.COM



The Fall of Phnom Penh book

The Fall of Phnom Penh — La Chute de Phnom Penh

2 versions with the same physical specs: size 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm, 216 pages with about 120 pictures in Black & White & Color plus almost a 9,000-word text (the French text is a little longer). Hardcover, printed on 128 grs Artmatt Japanese paper, it weights 750 grs.

Now! get it directly from us for $29,50 (+shipping) and pay via Paypal. Ask us: RN@ASIAHORIZONS.COM

You can get the English version at AMAZON.COM and the French version here (eBay France)

ISBN 9786167277103 (ENGLISH language version)

ISBN 9786167277097 (FRENCH language version)

Special Edition of Luang Prabang Watercolours

Here is a few more pictures of the Box Set. We offer it at a special price of just $75 and this can be done with PayPal. Its weight is 1,7 kg, and we can send it anywhere via International Post Small Package for a low of $5 to $12 to about $15 and $22 with AR and $33 Registered for further destinations. Just send us a message RN@asiahorizons.comLP_w_caseClose LP_w_caseOpen1 LP_w_caseOpen2

ELEGY book with John McDermott

Elelgy book at Amarin Printing plant
Eleggy book at Amarin Printing plant

The new version of the Angkor book ELEGY by John McDermott is hitting the store. It looks great and was printed in Bangkok at Amarin Printing, my usual printer. Hired as a Production Consultant on this rather big job has been a very interesting experience, knowing that the prior edition was done at EDS in Italy! It’s been printed as tri-tone +1 pms on 157gsm OJI artmatt from Japan.

Day One of the Cambodian Nightmare…

The book THE FALL OF PHNOM PENH by Roland Neveu is the only photographic piece relating the last days of the war in Cambodia (1970-1975) and the fall of the capital Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge communist guerrilla. And guess what? If you are traveling to Phnom Penh and go on to visit the Tuol Sleng Museum (former Khmer Rouge torture prison-center of S-21), you can find this book and others on the subject at the small bookstore at the end of the building! for just $25.