LAOS, a journey beyond the Mekong

Laos A Journey Beyond the Mekong
ISBN 9778-974-09-1786-1 All color, 25.5x 27 cm, 132 pages on Gardapat Italian paper, Hardcover with Jacket, US$ 30. The Best Picture Book on Laos – this is the Second Edition. Designed by Roland Neveu and produced by Asia Horizons Books (printed on Gardapat 13 paper).

Laos is one of Asia’s final frontiers, a country of teeming forests, rare hilltribes and spectacular mountain scenery that is only slowly opening up to the modern world. Squeezed between Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar and fed by the mighty waters of the Mekong River, it is a magical destination that has largely escaped the influences of neighbouring countries. Over a three-year period, photographer and writer Ben Davies journeyed into the heart of Laos, travelling by road, river and elephant to some of its remotest regions to document the lives of the people and to capture the essence of this wild and beautiful country. Accompanied by a personal account of his journey, this book provides a fascinating insight into the nation’s recent turbulent history and its tentative embrace of the 21st century.

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