Luang Prabang Heritage

Luang Prabang Heritage
ISBN 978-974-8300-56-6 All color, 26.5 x 19 cm, 108 pages, Hard cover with jacket, US$ 29.50) 2008. Fine documentary photography of Luang Prabang & end guide with all key sites to visit. Revised re-edition 12-08.

In 1353, Lane Xang (known as the Kingdom of a Million Elephants), established its capital at Luang Prabang. This village tucked between the banks of the Mekong and Khan rivers was to remain the capital of Laos until the year 1563. Despite the fact that the new Laotian capital moved to Vientiane, Luang Prabang remained a Kingdom until 1975 when the Pathet Lao Communist Party abolished the monarchy. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this city remains probably the best preserved historical site in Southeast Asia. With more than 70 evocative photographs taken over the last 10 years by Roland Neveu and a text by Ben Davies, this small book immerses you in what may be the most tranquil town in Southeast Asia, a place where the pace of life has yet to catch up with the modern world.

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