IMG_8191In store at Cambodia’s Monument Books as of April 2, 2015 and on its way shortly after that to stores in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. When Clouds Fell from the Sky is a fascinating, powerful book by South African journalist Robert Carmichael that looks at the causes and consequences of the Khmer Rouge’s catastrophic rule of Cambodia between 1975-79. We are working to get copies into Asia Books before Songkran. In the meantime, Asia Horizons Books can easily organize to (express) ship copies to buyers in Thailand. For people living outside the region, Carmichael’s book is currently available in Kindle format through Amazon.

Paperback and Hardcover

Special Edition of Luang Prabang Watercolours

Here is a few more pictures of the Box Set. We offer it at a special price of just $75 and this can be done with PayPal. Its weight is 1,7 kg, and we can send it anywhere via International Post Small Package for a low of $5 to $12 to about $15 and $22 with AR and $33 Registered for further destinations. Just send us a message RN@asiahorizons.comLP_w_caseClose LP_w_caseOpen1 LP_w_caseOpen2

ELEGY book with John McDermott

Elelgy book at Amarin Printing plant
Eleggy book at Amarin Printing plant

The new version of the Angkor book ELEGY by John McDermott is hitting the store. It looks great and was printed in Bangkok at Amarin Printing, my usual printer. Hired as a Production Consultant on this rather big job has been a very interesting experience, knowing that the prior edition was done at EDS in Italy! It’s been printed as tri-tone +1 pms on 157gsm OJI artmatt from Japan.

Finally getting the Luang Prabang Book out…

First copies of the book: on the left the regular copy, on the right a Special edition which will come in a box with a print from the book.
First copies of the book: on the left the regular copy, on the right a Special edition which will come in a box with a print from the book.

Got the first copies in hands, now ready to start shipping a few hundreds copies to pre-ordered clients in Laos. Then we’ll supply our distributors juste in time for the Xmas shopping!

The Fall of Phnom Penh (17/04/1975) re-published!

Book-mockupThis book is being re-published in time for the 40th anniversary of the fall of the city to the Khmer Rouge in 1975.

This time around, the English edition and a new edition in French will be only done with a hard cover and it has a new design. It is now almost certain that a version in Khmer language will come along as well (subject to some funding on the way). As of now a launch party has been secure together with a photo exhibition at the Meta House in Phnom Penh on the 17 April 2015. We expect to go to print this December at Amarin printing in Bangkok.

Size is 17 cm by 24 cm with 216 pages.

Printer award for Exile to Nowhere

Our printer in Bangkok (AMARIN) got a golden award [7th Thai Print Awards 2012] for book printing with Greg’s book Exile to Nowhere… A job for which we were Publishing Consultant, and we are very pleased! Hope they’ll like us as client… and hope to eventually print other books there.