Special Edition of Luang Prabang Watercolours

Here is a few more pictures of the Box Set. We offer it at a special price of just $75 and this can be done with PayPal. Its weight is 1,7 kg, and we can send it anywhere via International Post Small Package for a low of $5 to $12 to about $15 and $22 with AR and $33 Registered for further destinations. Just send us a message RN@asiahorizons.comLP_w_caseClose LP_w_caseOpen1 LP_w_caseOpen2

Our books at Amazon.com

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 14.59 | Jan 2013

We have just replenished our stock of books at AMAZON in the US… and we offer the best price anywhere, also shipping (standard) can be as low as free in the US and still cost a maximum of about US$5 for almost anywhere in the world.